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Paid Media

Here are some examples of how we ignited growth and delivered on real business results using paid media.

Ads That Deliver Results

Being avid social media users ourselves, we pride ourselves on having a deep understanding of each digital platform and it's functionalities available. This allows us to optimize and make the most of every dollar spent on ads for our clients. Our process is mapped out below, along with a few examples of paid media that we've been involved in recently.

Firstly We Listen

It all starts with listening and understanding your unique needs and desired outcomes. From there we can formulate a plan and strategy to go after it.

Secondly We Strategize

Once we undertand your needs, we come up with a strategy that works for your brand and ensure that all parties are aligned and aware of how things will proceed.

Thirdly We Launch

After all parties are aligned we can proceed with setting up, executing and monitoring the campaign. Seeing the results roll in is the fun part, but what comes next is equally important.

Finally We Optimize

As the results roll in we'll be able to see what's working well and what needs adjusting still. From there we can tweak the ads and double down on what's performing best.

Instagram Promotion

This is a great example of how we leveraged an Instagram influencer to drive page growth and app downloads. We created a custom video and then paid to have it featured on a large Instagram channel to leverage their audience. The graph on the right shows the spike in growth that resulted.

Facebook Ads

This is an example of how we leveraged Facebook ads to ignite growth on a slowly growing page. These ads performed so well because of how targeted they were, and because of the premium content we were able to produce for them. The graph on the left shows the spike in growth that resulted.

Driving Web Traffic

This is an example where we worked with a fashion brand that was in pre-launch, and we were tasked to drive website traffic and email subscriptions. So using a combination of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter ads we drove up the website traffic which lead to a 125% increase in email subscriptions.

Paid Media Questions Or Ideas?

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