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We're a social first agency, with a lot of experience managing and growing online communities.

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We've always said social is what comes first in our business, and that's why it's the core of what we do here at Joda Creative. Social Media is something our team is very passionate about. It allows us to tell stories while being as creative as we like, and it gives us the opportunity to share those ideas with the world which is an extremely powerful thing. It's given us the job of our dreams, so that's why we take a lot of pride in doing a really good job at managing social media communities for brands. Below is a quick highlight of our social media services, and an example of some results we had with a recent client.

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Building A Pre-Launch Buzz

We're currently working with a Vancouver based technology startup called ArrowTop on their social media marketing strategy and execution. We run a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for them while also providing ongoing content creation services. We were brought on 2 months prior to launch to help build an audience online and drive traffic to the website. Now that launch has gone well, we continue with phase 2 of our strategy.

Launching A Facebook Page

Growing a Facebook page can seem challenging and expensive but it doesn't have to be. This graph snippet below was pulled from the actual Facebook insights from the ArrowTop page. As you can see within the first few weeks of launch we were up to around 2500 likes, and from there on out it's been steadily growing and driving more and more traffic to the website's landing page. To achieve this we leveraged influencers, consistently put out engaging content, and constantly optimized page promotion ads to get the best results for the smallest ad spend possible.

Growing An Instagram Community

Growing Instagram followers and engagement has been our bread and butter from the start. Again, this graph snippet below was pulled from our Iconosquare account that measures the analytics for the ArrowTop Instagram page. By leveraging social media influencers, running ads, putting out amazing content, and engaging with the Instagram community on scale we were able to grow this page to nearly 5000 followers in the first two months.

Getting big results with paid media

Below is a perfect example of how to properly leverage paid media on Instagram to drive growth. The video on the left is a short aerial clip that we shot (by Joel Schat, lead content strategist at Joda Creative) and then paid to have posted on a large Instagram channel to leverage their audience. The graph on the right shows the spike in growth that resulted. Having good content and creative to work with makes all the difference when paying for advertisement and promotion.

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