When we first got this office here in Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver back in late December of 2016, it was a blank canvas. A perfect opportunity to let our creativity run wild and truly make this space our own. It was a very exciting and memorable time.

We had three desks, two of which were in the center of the room and the other in a corner, which was actually the very beginning of what we now refer to as the “Content Studio”.


Joda HQ as of roughly January 1, 2017 (taken during a late night hustle sesh of course…)

Early beginnings ???? #JodaCreative #Throw????

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Fast forward about a year and half, and a lot has changed. It’s been an incredible journey with many challenges, learnings, growth and small wins along the way. It’s exciting to see the growth, however it’s easy to get into a mindset of always just moving right along onto the next task, goal, rock… etc, especially as a startup in the digital space that is trying to move quickly.

So sometimes small wins go unnoticed and under appreciated. Which brings me to the main point of this blog post, and it has to do with our recent furniture addition courtesy our friends at Pallucci Furniture.

About a month ago we reached out to Clive, owner of Pallucci Furniture, with the hopes of collaborating on some content and influencer marketing in exchange for a set for our office. We had some great ideas for the creative we could put together, and between our Vancity Feature network and our personal brand accounts, we have a large reach here in the Greater Vancouver area which can be an effective distribution tool for a local business like Pallucci.

So Clive agreed to come by our office to meet the team and see our space, and after a quick discussion and a handshake, we agreed to collaborate. To our team, this was a small, yet greatly appreciated small win.


Joda HQ as of July 20, 2018


So in an effort to celebrate these small wins and remember to be grateful for the journey itself, consider this the first edition of our new #JodaSmallWins blog series. Once a month I’ll highlight a small win from our agency to help us further appreciate the special moments along the way, and keep you all updated on what’s happening here at Joda Creative.

So with that, one last BIG THANK YOU to Pallucci Furniture for this opportunity to work together! We’ve got some fun content to put together, and so many creators, entrepreneurs, artists and friends to invite into our space to collaborate, hang out, engage in great conversation, inspire one another, and who knows what else. Big things ahead!