Fairware Promotional Products


A content engine for a founding B Corporation in the promotional product industry

Fairware provides promotional products for North America’s leading sustainable brands. We’ve been Fairware’s outsourced media production team since 2017, taking care of all video and photo needs to keep their social media channels active in order to drive online awareness, social growth, website traffic and leads.

Every month we deliver new videos and photos such as the “Changemaker Series” (see examples below), which aims to highlight amazing impact driven entrepreneurs that are using their business as a force for good. These changemaker episodes are paired with a blog post, which contributes to their content marketing efforts in order to drive website traffic. In addition to this series, we produce videos around different events, campaigns or happenings around the office, as well as product photos that can be used on social media, newsletters or the website to help drive new leads.

Changemaker Series Ft. Felix Böck of ChopValue

Changemaker Series Ft. Chris Nichols of Wood Shop

Changemaker Series Ft. Liz Johnson of Patagonia Vancouver

Fairware x Hootsuite | 10 Years of Hootsuite