La Taqueria


Bringing La Taqueria’s stories, personality, and quality to life on social media

La Taqueria approached us because they wanted to move away from the mundane and expected type of content people have come to expect of restaurants. Classic foodie shots and restaurant atmosphere vibes on the daily wasn’t interesting to them. They wanted there content to intrigue, tell stories about the brand, it’s values and it’s people, and not post as often but when they do, have it stand out from the noise.

So we came on board as there video partner in early 2019 to uncover and capture stories inside their business to share on social media. To date, we’ve done two videos so far as seen below, with more in the planning stage to come! The first video covers a story about their new tortilla maker which pumps out fresh tortilla’s daily for their restaurunts. This machine is very rare and special to La Taqueria. The second video will be used to talk about a collaboration of La Taqueria x Main Street Brewing! Enjoy.

The Tortilleria

La Taqueria x Main Street Brewing

  • CLIENT La Taqueria
  • SERVICE Videography, Photography, Post Production