LinkedIn Local explained

If you haven’t heard of this meetup concept yet, I wouldn’t be that surprised. It’s still a fairly new movement, and the rise of LinkedIn as a social platform vs. just being a professional online resume has only recently become more known and leveraged it seems (that’s a whole separate topic for another post).

This concept all started with a women named, Anna McAfee, located on the Eastern Australia coast. Back in April 2017 she posted to her LinkedIn account asking if her connections in the area would be interested in meeting for coffee. She wanted to facilitate an opportunity to get to know each other a bit better offline, and paired her post with the hashtag #LinkedInLocal.

To her surprise a lot of people reacted to that post, and shortly thereafter she had people from Brussels, London, and New York reaching out to host similar events in their own cities… and so it began.

“We had no idea what we had set in motion, but today I look back and smile. What once upon a time was a simple hashtag, is today in 100+ cities worldwide. – Anna McAfee”



How we got involved

Fast forwarding to February, 2018, I connected with a gentleman named Andrew Griffiths on LinkedIn and we decided to meet for coffee. What was scheduled to be a 45 minute chat, turned into a 2.5 hour conversation where we got into all sorts of interesting topics. We clearly shared some passions and values around the different projects we were taking on, and that’s where Andrew asked if the Joda Creative team wanted to get involved on the promotion and content creation end of things.

The team discussed the opportunity, and of course, we worked it into the schedule! The event was coming up pretty quickly at that time, so we crafted up a social media post for our Vancity Feature community on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to help raise awareness for this event and drive our local audience to purchase tickets. We also scheduled our video and photo team to capture content on the night of to later share as a recap online. Be sure to check out the video we created below to see how things went!



So when’s the next one

If you’re liking what you’ve seen here and you’re thinking this event is something you’d be into attending, well then you’re in luck! The next one is taking place on April 3, 2018 right here in Vancouver again. You can find out more info here. I’m sure our team will be there again too so if you make it out, be sure to say come say hi!

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